City trials 'national first' outdoor smoking regulation

Cai Wenjun
Introduced at governmental office buildings, local health authority plans to promote new controls to ensure Shanghai becomes a "no-smoking city."
Cai Wenjun

Shanghai is developing the nation's first regional regulation for outdoor smoking areas to further control smokers' behaviors and provide a healthier environment for the public.

The draft regulation has been trialled at governmental office buildings and will be applied in more places, said the local health authority. It plans to include the regulation into the city's legislation schedule to further build a "no-smoking city."

The rate of smokers among local adults has dropped over the past seven years to 19.4 percent, the authority said.

Last year's data showed that violations of Shanghai's anti-smoking law had been further reduced to 12.1 percent.

Shanghai prohibits smoking in all public indoor venues, workplaces and public transportation.

Over 88 percent of residents know about the anti-smoking law and almost all support the law, said the office of Shanghai Health Enhancement Commission, which leads anti-smoking work in the city. Enforcement of the law in indoor public venues is also prevalent, it said.

The commission said governmental office buildings have played a leading role in anti-smoking efforts. By the end of last year, 72 percent of the city's governmental bodies have met the criteria of non-smoking venues, which will be promoted to all governmental bodies by the end of this year.

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