Woman killed on Metro after getting stuck in door

Chen Huizhi
Metro staff tried to help the passenger get out of the door, but she was pulled away by the train and killed.
Chen Huizhi
Edited by Sun Chao. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

Shanghai Metro confirmed on Monday that a woman died in a tragic accident at a Metro station on Saturday afternoon.

The accident took place at the Qi'an Road Station on Line 15 at 4:30pm on January 22.

An elderly woman was stuck in a screen door on the platform with a train beside her and the staff on the platform tried to help her.

However, just as she was about to be pulled out of the door, the train started to move and pulled her toward it.

The woman was killed.

In its statement, the Metro operator expressed sorrow for the woman's death and said the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

The company hadn't answered Shanghai Daily's request for further comments about the accident as of Tuesday morning.

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