Popular bakery probed for fabricating cookies' production date

Hu Min
Officials said Grand Liz pastry chain employees admitted switching the dates to overcome customer complaints about receiving expired foods.
Hu Min
Popular bakery probed for fabricating cookies' production date
Ti Gong

Batches of cookies from Grand Liz with the production date altered.

A popular bakery inside Fengshengli, a Xintiandi-style commercial complex in downtown Jing'an District, is under investigation for alleged fabrication of production dates, market regulators announced Thursday midnight.

Guang Lian Shen, or Grand Liz, a pastry chain registered in Shanghai, has become a hit and is known as a super wanghong (Internet celebrity) brand in the catering industry.

The Jing'an District Administration for Market Regulation said officials seized 700 boxes of cookies with a fabricated production date from the Maoming Rd N. outlet of Grand Liz.

Officials visited the store for an inspection on April 26 and found the production date of cookies was marked as April 27. The expiry date was set at 11pm, April 28.

Employees at the shop said the cookies should be refrigerated as a milk dessert and had a short expiry date, according to officials.

Wary about slow delivery due to COVID-19 resurgence and complaints about expiry when consumers received the cookies, they changed the production date by one day as the cookies were actually made on April 26, according to officials.

The cookies were scheduled to hit the shelves on April 27.

The pastry store has been ordered to rectify and is under investigation, according to the administration.

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