Xinhua hospital's cartoon program to help sick kids

Cai Wenjun
Being in hospital is tough for kids – and their parents. But the hospital is working the the Shanghai Film Group to make their stay a little easier.
Cai Wenjun

Laughter is the best medicine. Especially for sick kids – and even more so for those from poor families.

Xinhua Hospital is working with the Shanghai Film Group on a charity program to produce cartoons for its young patients.

From Tuesday, 20 animations from the Shanghai Film Group will be available at the hospital's pediatric building and animators and other film professionals will be there to explain how the magic is made.

Officials from Xinhua Hospital, one of the four leading pediatric hospitals in Shanghai, said the animations will bring happiness and strength to sick children, and the hospital wants to become a charity "screening room."

Charity sales and donations are also made at the hospital to help poor children.

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