Watermelon-sized tumor removed from breast

Cai Wenjun
A patient is recovering after a watermelon-sized tumor was successfully removed from her breast, Renji Hospital has reported.
Cai Wenjun

A watermelon-sized tumor has been successfully removed from a woman's breast, Renji Hospital has reported.

The patient surnamed Fan, 43, had previously received surgeries on her right breast in 2014 and 2016. But earlier this year there was a relapse, and the size of tumor doubled within three months.

She went to Renji Hospital's south branch for treatment. While there, the tumor grew from 10 centimeters to 42 centimeters in diameter over two days.

A detailed check found that blood vessels of the tumor had broken, causing fluid to flow into the tumor cavity, expanding the space. It also made the chest muscle as thin as piece of paper.

Doctors decided to carry out surgery immediately.

Due to the big size of the tumor, plastic surgery team also participated in reconstructing the wound.

The entire tumor was removed during a seven hour surgery. The patient is recovering well.

Doctors said she will receive genetic testing to confirm the type of tumor, and receive individualized tumor-control treatment to prevent a relapse.

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