Shanghai minimum wage standards top Chinese mainland

Yang Meiping
China readjusts minimum wage standards with Shanghai topping the list and Shenzhen following close behind, while Beijing offers the highest minimum wages for part-time jobs.
Yang Meiping

The minimum wage for full-time employees in Shanghai is 2,590 yuan (US$375) per month, the highest on the Chinese mainland, according to a chart of minimum pay standards in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

In China, different places adjust their wage standards at different times, and some provinces issued new standards on January 1.

The monthly standard in Shanghai was raised from 2,480 yuan per month to 2,590 yuan per month in July, when the hourly minimum pay for part-time jobs was also raised from 22 yuan to 23 yuan.

The minimum wage in Shanghai does not include overtime pay, subsidies for work under extreme environments such as summer heat, food, transportation and housing allowance, or premiums for social security insurance and housing funds.

Shanghai's current minimum full-time pay is followed by Shenzhen's 2,360 yuan per month, and Beijing's 2,320 yuan per month.

But Beijing tops China for minimum pay for part-time jobs with 25.3 yuan per hour, followed by Shanghai's 23 yuan per hour and 22.6 yuan per hour in Tianjin. The minimum wage for full-time employees in Tianjin is 2,280 yuan per month

Unlike Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin which have citywide unified minimum pay standards, in some provinces, the standards vary in different regions with different economic situations. Guangdong Province is one example. Other than Shenzhen, Guangdong has four tiers of standards ranging from 1,620 yuan to 2,300 yuan per month, and 16.1 yuan to 22.2 yuan per hour.

Shanghai minimum wage standards top Chinese mainland

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