One million pamphlets are distributed to encourage sports and health awareness

Cai Wenjun
With Spring Festival gatherings and travel on the way, Shanghai has distributed one million pamphlets encouraging sports and health awareness among residents throughout the city.
Cai Wenjun

Local health authorities announced the distribution of one million free pamphlets on healthy exercises to boost awareness of proper sports and enhance immunity against infectious disease, especially COVID-19.

People are likely to have gatherings and banquets during the upcoming Spring Festival, and staying aware and maintaining positive habits can be beneficial to public health. Everything from exercise and sports, to self-protection when traveling to and from hometowns, and using separate spoons when sharing meals can enhance disease prevention and control during the festival, officials from the Shanghai Health Promotion Center said on Tuesday.

The pamphlet, which is written by local top medical experts, offer hundreds of tips and instructions for different types of people, with a choice of suitable sports, and ways to avoid sport-related injury.

The local government has been trying new disease management and health services, combining both medical and sports therapies to encourage the public to do more sports.

A community sports therapy project has been launched in Yangpu District to involve general physicians prescribing "sports" to patients and providing individualized direction and intervention through cooperation with experts from the Shanghai University of Sport, officials said.

One million pamphlets are distributed to encourage sports and health awareness
Ti Gong

One million pamphlets on sports are distributed among local residents.

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