More critical COVID patients in Shanghai discharged

Cai Wenjun
With doctors and nurses managing the virus, a great number of COVID-19 patients have been discharged from hospitals, with an effort to enhance treatment and speed up recovery.
Cai Wenjun

Batches of critical COVID-19 patients have been discharged in Shanghai, reuniting with their families for a Spring Festival.

An 88-year-old woman left the intensive care unit of Renji Hospital and returned home on Friday morning. She expressed her gratitude to all the medics.

She was sent to the hospital 10 days ago with chest sickness, cough and shortness of breach.

Doctors said the patient suffered lung infection and respiratory failure, plus a history of heart disease and hypertension.

"She was in critical condition upon arrival and was sent to the intensive care unit for anti-viral, anti-inflammation treatment and nutrition support," said Dr Xing Shunpeng, vice director of intensive medicine department.

More critical COVID patients in Shanghai discharged
Ti Gong

Doctors and nurses of Renji Hospital see off the 88-year-old woman, discharged on Friday.

Xing said the nursing team took a great role in treatment, offering respiratory rehabilitation and personalized care for each patient.

Local leading hospitals reported a reduction of patients, and a rise in the number of recovered patients.

Ruijin Hospital said about 30 percent of critical patients are turning stable, and some of them have been discharged.

"The rest of the patients are expected to be discharged during the holiday," said Dr Bao Zhiyao, from Ruijin's respiratory and intensive medicine department.

The hospital's other departments have also seen a turning point in the rising number of patients.

Officials from the Shanghai 10th People's Hospital have also seen batches of serious or critical patients being discharged.

Over 2,000 COVID patients were hospitalized at the hospital during the past month. Through classified treatments, there are hundreds of patients being discharged daily. The hospital has resumed normal operations.

"Our ICU received nearly 50 COVID critical patients. So far, only two patients died. Over 20 patients have been transferred to ordinary wards or discharged, while the rest are all in stable condition with a serious chance of recovery," said Dr Wang Sheng, director of the intensive medicine department.

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