Shanghai's coldest day this winter hits tomorrow, with lows of minus 8 degrees

Yang Meiping
Tomorrow is set to be the coldest day in Shanghai this winter, with lows dropping to minus 8 degrees Celsius. From Thursday, expect sun and clouds while temperatures remain cold.
Yang Meiping

Tomorrow is likely to be the coldest day in Shanghai this winter with temperatures predicted to be as low as minus 8 degrees Celsius in some suburban areas, forecasters said on Tuesday.

Affected by the cold wave, Shanghai got colder from Monday afternoon, triggering blue cold and gale alerts, both the lowest in its four-tier system. Though sunshine returned on Tuesday, the highest temperature in most areas of the city were under one degree Celsius, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

Wednesday, the fourth day of the new Chinese lunar year, will continue to be sunny, but the highs will be minus 4 degrees in downtown Shanghai with freezing conditions, and minus 8 to minus 5 degrees in suburbs with severe freezing. The Sun will warm the city a little bit and bring the highs to about 2 degrees during the day.

The good news is that tomorrow the wind force will decrease from fresh breeze in the morning to gentle breeze in the afternoon.

From Thursday, Shanghai will be dominated by sunny or cloudy weather for about one week, but it will still be cold in the morning and evening, with the lowest temperature around the freezing point. The highs will fluctuate slightly during the day, but will remain under 10 degrees.

With warm and wet air from the southwest, the highest temperature in the city will climb up to over 10 degrees again at the end of the month and beginning of February, said forecasters.

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