Closed Metro Line 2 stations reopen for a surge in returning passengers

Zhu Shenshen
Three Metro Line 2 stations around Hongqiao airport and railway station will reopen to meet the surging demand of returning Spring Festival passengers, during peak traffic days.
Zhu Shenshen

Three Metro Line 2 stations around the Hongqiao airport and railway station, which were closed for maintenance work now, will resume operations before Friday evening, the local metro service operator said on Thursday.

The metro service is resuming ahead of the original schedule on Saturday, and may relieve transportation pressure on Friday, one of the peak traffic days for returning passengers of the Spring Festival holiday, the most important festival in the country.

The three Line 2 stations – East Xujing, Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 – will resume operation before 5:00pm on Friday. After that, Metro Line 2 will have fully resumed its regular service, covering interchange and interval times, said the operator Shanghai Shentong Metro Group.

Since Saturday, the metro group will increase the transport capacity of Line 2 by adding more trains to meet surging demand from returning passengers, said Shentong.

Meanwhile, Line 3's northern extension will resume operation on Saturday, as its original schedule.

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