Health promotion to be included into Shanghai law

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai health promotion standards are being included into this year's legislation, along with government funding. The initiative will help boost health awareness and education.
Cai Wenjun

The city's health promotion regulation has been included into this year's legislation schedule of local lawmakers to boost health education, scientific promotion and health enhancement, officials from the Shanghai Health Commission said on Thursday.

"Health promotion is the third part of the health field apart from clinical medicine and public health. It can play an important role to arouse public awareness on health care and disease prevention and control," said Lu Taohong, vice director of the commission. "We've seen very positive effects during the pandemic."

To boost health promotion, Shanghai is the first city in the nation to provide governmental funding to support programs on health education and promotion and include performance on health promotion in medics' professional evaluation system. It also issued the nation's first list on medical facilities and medic influence on health promotion to encourage more professional involvement in health education.

More programs will be introduced this year to promote medical knowledge and health awareness through interesting, fun and easy to understand ways, officials said.

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