Short films raise awareness of children's mental health issues

Cai Wenjun
Two short films were released in Shanghai to raise awareness for children's' metal health. The micro-films address issues such as bullying and stress, with relevant solutions.
Cai Wenjun

Mental health of children and minors are likely to cause serious negative consequences and potential social problems like self-injury and suicide, due to depression and bullying, medical experts said on Wednesday, when two micro-films on children's mental health were released.

"Mental status and mood are closely related with children's brain function and their family, school and social environment. But many children's caregivers and teachers lack relevant knowledge, skill and awareness," said Dr Zhang Jinsong, director of the clinical psychology department of Xinhua Hospital, which leads the production of the two micro-films.

One film tells the stories of three children with common and different mental problems, at different ages, and the process of which they are diagnosed through the help of doctors, parents, friends and teachers.

"The film targets parents, teachers, people involved in children's psychology, and older children and minors who can understand the content," Zhang said.

Short films raise awareness of children's mental health issues

A screenshot in one of the short films

The other is a documentary introducing the program launched by the hospital, kindergartens, and primary and middle schools, focusing on children's emotional management and stress. It introduces policies and measures to identify emotions, emotional management and methods to cope with negative events.

According to the latest nationwide survey released in 2020, about 17.6 percent of children and minors between 6 and 16 years old in China have certain kind of personality disorder or emotional instability. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is the problem with the highest incidence, covering about 6.4 percent of children and youngsters.

Students and teachers, who have seen the documentary, said they have learnt many skills and intervention methods to control negative emotions.

"The two micro-films work like a psychological course for viewers, and help boost the mental health of children under the joint effort of families, schools and society," Zhang added.

The films are available at the hospital's public WeChat account and video Website Bilibili.

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