Two Shanghai tourists drown at Thailand beach

Ignoring of warning signs leads to the death of two visitors at a beach in Phuket,Thailand.
The Nation

Rescuers recover the bodies of two Chinese tourists who drowned at Phuket beach.

Two Chinese tourists drowned at a private beach in Phuket, Thailand, the Consulate General of China announced in Songkhla yesterday.

The pair and a friend, all in their 20s and from Shanghai, ignored a warning sign and swam at the beach about 1pm on July 13, the consulate general said. The two later went missing and their bodies were recovered yesterday.

According to The Nation, a Thai news portal, the two victims were identified as Wang Xidong and Guo Zijie.

The survivor, Liu Weijie, 21, said he and his friends swam briefly before they disappeared, so he called an emergency police line to seek help, according to the news portal.

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