McDonald's China assures customers ice cream gunk won't happen here

McDonald's China have reassured customers that photos of green gunk, allegedly found in a US outlet's ice cream machine, won't happen here due to strict daily cleaning and safety.

McDonald’s China assured customers that its ice cream machines are clean and safe after a US netizen posted photos of a disgusting metal tray that he claimed was taken from an ice cream machine.

The fast food chain’s China operation said in a statement issued last night that it has been aware of the online allegations and its US operation is investigating the authenticity of the matter.

It assured its Chinese customers that all ice cream machines used in China are automatically heated and disinfected every day. All parts are replaced regularly to ensure food safety.

The US netizen, going by the name of “Nick,” posted two photos on Twitter recently of a metal tray with green, greasy gunk inside and claimed it came out of a McDonald’s ice cream machine.

The tweet was shared more than 14,000 times. 

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