Haidilao announces clean-up plans after mice infestation exposed

Plans include a third-party pest exterminator being brought on board to deal with mice issues, as well as welcoming supervision from the public.

Two Beijing branches of popular hotpot restaurant Haidilao were closed temporarily after media reports exposed mice infestation and other sanitation problems, as Haidilao vowed a thorough clean-up and rectification.

Haidilao will work with a third-party company to apply new technologies to get rid of the mice. All of its chain restaurants will undergo self examination to detect any loopholes or problems, it said in a statement Friday.

It will fully cooperate with the government and welcomes supervision from the public.

Haidilao made an apology to the public after the sanitation issues were exposed Friday.

A reporter from the Legal Evening News disclosed the problems after working in the restaurant undercover.

Traces of mice were frequently found in the restaurant’s ingredients room, serving room and dishwashing room.

Haidilao, known for its good service and food, is one of the most popular hotpot chains in China and boasts hundreds of restaurants nationwide.

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