China becomes a rising star in global talent market

The country is the world's largest student exporter, and many of its overseas students are now returning to seek opportunities at home.

China has an expanding talent pool and also acts as a magnet for attracting talent, according to a report released on Saturday in Shanghai.

The report said China is now the world’s largest supplier of international students, with 544,500 people studying abroad last year.

More than 60 percent of them pursed further education in the United States — nearly one out of three international students in US are Chinese.

A further 30 percent chose to study in Australia, making up 28 percent of that country’s number of international students and making China the largest student exporter to Australia.

Furthermore, Chinese overseas students are increasingly returning home after their studies rather than pursuing careers abroad. The report showed that last year, about 80 percent of overseas students came back to China after completing their studies. In 2008, the percentage was just 34 percent.

People always want to live where there are better living conditions, and China has become an attractive and competitive choice, said Russell Flannery, Shanghai bureau chief for Forbes Magazine.

He said Shanghai is now a popular settlement for talent because of its friendly international atmosphere and excellent urban infrastructure.

The report was released by Forbes magazine and Wailian Overseas Consulting Group.

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