China Rail to launch frequent traveler plan

The frequent traveller plan will be launched on Wednesday. 

China Railway is launching a frequent traveler plan on Wednesday.

Passengers over 12 with legal identity documents can log on to its website ( or app, or go to the service windows at train stations to register as a member. Both domestic residents and foreign travelers can apply.

Members will earn credits after five days after they finish their trips. Credits are five times the value on the ticket — for example, a 100 yuan (US$15) ticket will add 500 credits to the passenger’s account.

When credits reached 10,000 for the first time, passengers can use them to redeem train tickets. Every 100 credits equal 1 yuan in value.

The credits cannot be overdrawn, or partially used to buy other tickets. For example, when there are 10,000 credits in the account, one can only redeem tickets valued up to 100 yuan.

International trains, trains to Hong Kong and some designated regional trains yet to be announced are excluded from the plan.

Travelers can also use their credits to redeem tickets for designated assignees.

Every membership account can set up eight assignees. To register as an assignee, both the travel plan member and assignees are required to provide their ID at the train station or via the app or website.

After signing up, assignees will have to wait another 60 days before the member can redeem tickets for them.

Members can use credits to redeem tickets only for themselves or their assignees.

The credits will be effective for 12 months, after which unused credits will expire.

China Railway said the frequent traveler plan is just one step in providing more facilities for passengers.

“In the future, we will also introduce facial recognition technology at ticket checking points,” said Huang Min, the company’s deputy manager.

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