Police seize hundreds of bottles of fake liquor from online shop

Investigation launched after drinks group spot illegal online trade in fake Chinese brands. 

Hundreds of bottles of fake Chinese liquor have been seized from a shop on jd.com, a Chinese online shopping site, Shanghai police said over the weekend.

If the 170 bottles of fake Fenjiu and 314 bottles of fake Moutai and Guojiao 1573 were the genuine article, they would have been worth around 1 million yuan (US$156,000).

Police raided the shop’s store and warehouse in Beijing's Changping District on January 10 and found the fake products.

Fenjiu Group said in a statement it had assisted police in seizing about 8,400 boxes of fake Fenjiu bottles and 170,000 pieces of fake packaging since December 24 last year in a campaign against counterfeits launched with the approach of the Chinese New Year when demand normally rises.

More than 1,700 boxes of other famous brands had been seized with seven suspects detained and one put on bail in six cases so far, the company said.

Meanwhile, Fenjiu, in concerted campaigns with companies including Moutai, Jiannanchun, Luzhou Laojiao and Mongolia King, have discovered more than 2,000 boxes of fake liquor.

Police have seized the fake products found in four warehouses and detained five suspects, according to the company.

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