Spring Festival to be grandly celebrated in Chinatown in Myanmar's Yangon

Spring Festival will be celebrated on a grand scale for the second time in Chinatown in Myanmar's Yangon.

Spring Festival, or better known as Chinese Lunar New Year, will be celebrated on a grand scale for the second time in several decades in Chinatown in Myanmar's Yangon.

According to local Myanmar-Chinese community, Yunnan Natives Association has been set as the main event organizer involving all walks of life to erect a big stage in the center of the Chinatown where various entertainment programs including songs and dances will be performed.

During the event, Chinese traditional handicrafts and cultural objects will be showcased at booths lined up on the Maha Bandoola Street, the main road of Chinatown which will be lit up by more than 3,000 red lanterns with festive decorations including some archways erected in the main junctions of the road.


A performer wearing an imperial costume parades in the streets of Chinatown during celebrations for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year in Yangon, Myanmar, on February 6, 2018.


Lion dancers of Moe Nagar Chinese Dragon and Lion dance team perform in the streets of Chinatown in Yangon, Myanmar, on February 6, 2018. 

A cultural troupe from China's Yunnan Province will join the night show during the festival, a association's senior member said.

As Chinese Lunar New Year is drawing near, the Myanmar-Chinese community also launched traditional charity activities with several social and religious organizations respectively distributing cash aid to poor and old-aged people above 75.

Meanwhile, co-organized by Myanmar Lion and Dragon Dance Federation, a Chinese lion and dragon dance contest kicked off at Junction Square Shopping Center in Myanmar's Yangon on Wednesday evening as part of the pre-activities of Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

A total of 17 lion dance groups and 12 dragon dance groups participated in the competition which will be held for eight consecutive nights until February 14.

The competing lion and dragon dance groups are also scheduled to conduct a procession round the Chinatown on February 15, the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, followed by more dancing contests starting February 17 on Sin Oh Dan Street where the federation lies.

Also assisted by the federation, the local Guangdong Music Band, part of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will stage a rare performance on the street with songs and modern dances to be presented by local Myanmar-Chinese singers and dancers on the first night of the new year.

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