Internet companies punished for spreading 'bloody and scary' videos

Internet companies including Youku and iQiyi have been punished for providing a platform for the spread of 'bloody and scary' videos, according to China's anti-pornography office.

Internet companies including Youku and iQiyi have been punished for the spread of "bloody and scary" videos targeting children, according to China's anti-pornography office.

The two online video websites signed agreements with Guangzhou Yinjun Trade Co in November 2016, providing platforms for it to upload the videos via an account named "Happy Disney," which helped it earn profits of more than 2.2 million yuan (US$347,881). 

Some of the videos featured "bloody and scary" contents. 

Apart from Youku and iQiyi, these videos were also spread through Tencent and Baidu's Haokan video.

After investigation, the cultural law enforcement departments in Beijing and Guangdong have demanded the four online video companies to correct their behaviors. They were also warned and fined.

Police have started their own investigation into Guangzhou Yinjun, whose business license was revoked by the Industry and Commerce Bureau of Guangzhou's Tianhe District on February 6. 

China's National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications said any enterprises that made or spread information that was harmful to children will face severe punishment.

Internet companies have also been asked to launch "self-examination," and avoid providing a platform for pornographic, vulgar, violent, bloody and scary content.

The public can provide information on individuals or companies suspected of creating or broadcasting such content by calling 12390 or visiting

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