Live-streaming star banned over 'offensive' content

Chen Xiaoli
Famous MC Tianyou has been banned from all live-streaming platforms after authorities labeled some of his content "offensive."
Chen Xiaoli
Live-streaming star banned over 'offensive' content

Li Tianyou, widely known as MC Tianyou

Some live-streamers, including Li Tianyou, have been banned from live-streaming platforms.

Li Tianyou, widely known as MC Tianyou, started live streaming in November 2014 but he didn't rise to stardom until his hanmai songs went viral.

Hanmai, which literally means "shouting into the microphone," is a rap-like performance. It refers to a quick style of rapping shouted over dance music.

Live-streaming star banned over 'offensive' content

A screenshot of the CCTV program shows Li describing meth as "fantastic."

A China Central Television program revealed the chaos existing in the online live-steaming industry.

CCTV said Li often talked about pornographic topics and described different feelings after taking drugs during his broadcast.

Earlier, YY, one of the most popular live-streaming platforms, announced measures to strengthen the crackdown on illegal broadcast contents.

It banned live-streamers' usernames and live streaming titles that contained words such as MC, or microphone controller, and hanmai.

It also banned 77 hanmai songs and over 1,000 live-streamers from its platform.

Li soon reacted to the move and removed "MC" from both his YY and Weibo accounts.

Live-streaming star banned over 'offensive' content

A poll on Weibo which asked whether netizens support the ban.

Chinese netizens supported the decision to ban him, with one commenting, "His broadcasts lack positive energy and are vulgar."

A poll on Weibo showed over 90 percent of web users supported his ban, in which over 30,000 took part.

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