Corneal transplant recipients help fulfill donor's last wish

A 6-year-old girl who died after sudden illness always wanted to see polar bears. She never did, but two men who are able to see thanks to her decided to help her fulfill her wish.

A screen shot from CCTV

The Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park in Zhejiang Province received two special visitors on July 24 — two adults who gazed at a polar bear like children as they whispered in tears.

The two men, surnamed Chen and Si, in their 50s and 60s, are both corneal transplant recipients —  their donor was a 6-year-old girl, known as Feifei, China Central Television reported.

Feifei, from Songyang, also in Zhejiang, was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor this April. Her parents made the tough decision to donate her body, hoping to help others in need.

Feifei on the ward bed

The girl passed away in the early morning of July 15 and on the same day, Chen and Si successfully underwent cornea transplants.

After learning that their donor loved polar bears but never got the chance to see them in person, the two went to the polar bear pavilion on July 24, trying to fulfill her wish.

In interviews, Chen and Si expressed their deep thanks to the girl and her family.

Chen's family said they would take Chen to zoos again to see more animals that Feifei liked. They also expressed their willingness to donate their own organs in the future.

It's been reported that Feifei's brain and body will be used for medical research.

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