Robin Li's AI enthusiasm undampened

Wang Qingchu
Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, had a bottle of water poured over him in the middle of a speech at the Baidu AI Developer Conference in Beijing Wednesday.
Wang Qingchu
Robin Li's AI enthusiasm undampened

An online clip shows Li unfazed by the bizarre attack.

Robin Li, CEO of China’s largest search engine, was doused in water in the middle of a public speech in Beijing on Wednesday.

A man dressed in a black T-shirt and wearing what appeared to be a security pass walked over to Li as he was speaking at the Baidu AI Developer Conference at the China National Convention Center and poured a bottle of water over Li’s head.

Li appeared startled, but simply asked the man calmly, in English: “What’s your problem?” 

The man was apprehended by security. His motive remains unknown.

Unperturbed, Li continued his speech after the incident.

After the incident, Baidu said on Weibo that somebody wanted to “pour cold water" on the development of AI, but the curious action won’t change company policy.

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