Body of missing 9-year-old girl found in sea

Wang Qingchu
The girl was taken by a couple earlier this month for a wedding banquet. The couple later committed suicide, police said.
Wang Qingchu
Body of missing 9-year-old girl found in sea

A body believed to be that of a missing 9-year-old girl was found in waters off Shipu Town in east China’s Zhejiang Province early Saturday afternoon, local authorities said. 

DNA tests are being conducted. Her appearance and clothes resembled that of missing girl Zhang Zixin.

Zhang's family has been notified, Xiangshan County government said in an online statement.

Zhang was taken from her home in Chun'an County by a woman and a man, both lodgers living temporarily at her home, on July 4, police said.

The couple committed suicide in Dongqian Lake in Ningbo City in Zhejiang on July 8, police said.

The couple claimed they wanted to take Zhang to Shanghai to attend a wedding banquet and promised to return on July 7.

But they failed to return on that date and lost contact with the girl’s family, according to the police.

The girl was last seen with the couple at Songlan Mountain scenic area in Xiangshan at 7:18pm on July 7, surveillance videos showed.

Five hours later, the couple were spotted again without the girl. Police investigations are continuing.

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