Teacher wipes makeup off students in viral video

Some say the teacher's brusque behavior is inappropriate, while school officials claim that they are getting tough to break bad habits.
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Teacher wipes makeup off students in viral video

A video showing a middle-school teacher in Guizhou Province washing makeup off of students with a bucket of water has sparked controversy online.

In the video, a male teacher can be seen wetting a towel and roughly wiping the faces of female students.

One online poster remarked, "It's unhygienic to use the same towel and the same bucket of water. Meanwhile, performing such behavior in public shows no respect to the students."

However, some netizens expressed support for the school and said the students in the video are still too young to wear makeup.

"Wearing makeup not only harms children's skin, it also has a bad influence on other students at school," one poster commented.

The school confirmed the incident to Litchi News on Wednesday and said that their methods seem be a bit strict this time, but they are just taking responsibility for students.

The school explained that most of its students are left-behind children whose parents have become migrant workers, so they lack proper guidance from their families. The school had forbidden students from wearing "heavy makeup" many times before, but without effect. According to the school, they have gotten tough to break students' bad habits.

Students are no longer wearing makeup now that they know it will be washed off by teachers, the school added.

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