Patient's son sentenced to death in high-profile doctor-killing case

The defendant, Sun Wenbin, was not satisfied with the treatment of his mother at the General Hospital of CAAC and killed the doctor on duty Yang Wen on December 24, said a court. 

A man was given the death sentence for being convicted of killing a doctor in a hospital where his mother was treated, according to a verdict handed down by a Beijing court Thursday.

The defendant, who was identified as Sun Wenbin, harbored a grudge and intended to retaliate as he was not satisfied with his mother's treatment at the General Hospital of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing Municipality was told.

Sun showed up at the emergency room of the hospital carrying a concealed knife at 6 a.m. on Dec. 24 and repeatedly stabbed Yang Wen, a woman doctor who was on duty at the time. Sun then called the police by phone to turn himself in. He was later arrested.

Yang succumbed to multiple injuries in her neck.

The court said in an open trial that the defendant had committed a grave case of murder crime for unlawfully depriving other's life on purpose and should be punished according to law.

Despite Sun's voluntary surrender, his act of intentional homicide is extremely cruel and has caused great harm to society, therefore he does not qualify for a lesser punishment, the court concluded.

Sun pled guilty in court. 

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