Quarantined woman ordered to leave China

The Chinese-Australian went jogging on the first day of her quarantine after arriving in Beijing and argued with a health worker who tried to stop her. 

A Chinese-Australian who violated COVID-19 quarantine rules after arriving in Beijing had her residence permit revoked and was ordered to leave the country, Beijing Public Security Bureau said on Thursday.

The Bayer Healthcare employee, surnamed Liang, 47, arrived at Beijing Capital Airport on March 14. The next day, she went for a run in her neighborhood without wearing a face mask during her 14-day home quarantine period, according to the bureau.

A local health quarantine worker tried to stop her, but she refused to cooperate, the bureau said.

Police later admonished her to comply with control and prevention measures to curb the virus.

A video clip showing Liang jogging without a mask, and her argument with the quarantine worker drew wide public concern as imported cases continue to increase in China.

Bayer China said on Tuesday that the woman had been fired after the company heard about her violation.

Meanwhile, the capital has further tightened its quarantine rules for border entries, requiring people arriving from other countries to undergo a self-paid 14-day concentrated medical observation from Thursday. Only those aged over 70 or under 14, pregnant women or who have diseases not suitable for concentrated observation can apply for home observation.

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