Owner of maternity shop fined for false promotion

Wang Qingchu
A store in Hunan Province sold a protein drink as formula to children with milk protein allergies, and at least five who consumed it showed symptoms of delayed growth.
Wang Qingchu

The owner of a maternity shop in central China’s Hunan Province was fined 2 million yuan (US$281,370), the maximum penalty for such an offense, for fraudulently advertising a protein drink as milk powder, People’s Daily reported on Friday.

Ai Ying Fang maternity store in Yongxing County was ordered to stop its false promotions immediately, according to the punishment given by the county market watchdog, the report said.

The store sold the Bei An Min protein drink as formula for children with milk protein allergies, and at least five kids who consumed the drink developed symptoms related to delayed growth.

Medical experts conducted thorough examinations on the children, and concluded that their conditions didn’t fit the so-called “big-headed doll” disease, the report said.

Children with rickets, a serious form of vitamin D and calcium deficiency, could have softening skulls and prominent foreheads, leading to the nickname.

But the report didn’t mention whether any other health problems were discovered among them. An earlier report by China Central Television said their condition will continued to be monitored.

The protein drink, which is produced by Tianjin Deheng Science and Technology Co Ltd, commissioned by Hunan Waverock Health Industry Co, met relevant quality standards, the report said.

Li Jianjun, a deputy head, and Cao Shishun, an official with the quality watchdog of Yongxing County, were removed from their posts, the report added.

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