Man detained for slipping powder into woman's drink

Wang Qingchu
A waitress in Shenzhen is now a hero after noticing the suspect slip something into a young woman's glass after she left the table.
Wang Qingchu
Man detained for slipping powder into woman's drink
Shenzhen police

An image from footage released by Shenzhen police in which the suspect apologizes. 

A man suspected of dropping powder into a woman’s drink during a date was detained on rape charges by police in south China’s Shenzhen, police said on Wednesday evening.

The 23-year-old suspect, surnamed Zhao, was accused of putting the powder into the woman’s drink after she left the table to get more food during a buffet on July 4, police said in the statement.

Zhao alleged that he tried to make the woman, a 22-year-old surnamed Zhu, drink it to “seek excitement.” But the ruse was discovered by a waitress who then took the drink and secretly alerted the woman.

The waitress said she saw Zhao slipping the powder and stirring it with his figure while looking around nervously. She went to the table and collected the contaminated cup, claiming she would get a refill, according to a statement by the shopping mall where the restaurant is located.

After Zhu left, the restaurant manager sent a staffer to check on her to make sure she was alone and safe.

“Protecting women is what we should do,” the restaurant manager said.

The waitress was awarded 3,000 yuan (US$429) for her quick thinking and heroic intervention. The restaurant was also given a Good Samaritan honor, the shopping mall COCO Park said.

Shenzhen police released a video of the interrogation during which Zhao apologized and showed remorse.

“What I did was utterly despicable and shameful. I own her an apology,” Zhao said in the video.

Police didn't identify the nature of the powder.

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