'Big head baby' creams found to contain hormone

Chen Xiaoli
Two baby cream products that were exposed in the "big-head baby" incident have been proven to contain hormone.
Chen Xiaoli
Big head baby creams found to contain hormone

A screenshot of the baby.

Two baby cream products that were exposed in the "big-head baby" incident have been proven to contain hormone, a working group of Zhangzhou said on Sunday after investigating the case.

A report from an authoritative testing agency showed that "Yifuling Multi-effect Special Cream" and "Happy Forest a touch of shubaobao skin antibacterial cream" that have both been recalled, contain clobetasol propionate. The manufacturer, Fujian Ouai Baby Health Care Products, is suspected of producing and selling shoddy products.

Local health authorities have sent the relevant information to the public security organization, while the main personnel of the company involved in the case have been summoned by police.

Zhangzhou will conduct further investigation of the enterprise and its products, and deal with the case strictly.

Big head baby creams found to contain hormone

Yifuling Multi-effect Special Cream produced by Fujian Ouai Baby Health Care Products.

Science blogger Daddy Wei (老爸评测-魏老爸) exposed a suspected "big head baby" case on January 7, alleging a 5-month-old baby suffered growth retardation and a swollen face, and grew excessive hair on the face, after using the Yifuling cream.

Daddy Wei claimed he took the cream and another skincare product called "Happy Forest" made by the same company for testing. More than 30 milligrams per kilogram of clobetasol propionate, a strong steroid, was discovered in both products.

Clobetasol propionate is used to treat moderate-to-severe eczema and other skin conditions. Due to its potency, treatment should not exceed two weeks and it's not recommended in children under the age of 12, according to drugs.com, a popular online source of drug information.

According to Daddy Wei, however, instructions for both products recommend long-term daily use.

Daddy Wei said the baby was hospitalized for a thorough examination, and all test results were normal. Doctors suspected the baby's obesity and excessive hair growth were caused by excessive hormones in the ointment and advised the family to stop using the cream.

Zhangzhou Health Commission ordered the baby creams to be pulled off shelves and their manufacturer to suspend production and recall the products on January 8.

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