Incentives persuading employees to stay put

Tracy Li
More than 70 percent of enterprises believe the incentives they offer are working as they answer a government call to advise employees to stay put during Spring Festival holiday.
Tracy Li

More than 70 percent of enterprises believe their incentives to persuade employees to stay put during the Spring Festival holiday have worked, according to a new study.

In response to the call from central government, 21 percent of companies said they had taken measures to encourage employees to stay put during the seven-day break, while another 15 percent said they were preparing to do the same, the study by online recruitment firm found.

At the same time, 46 percent of surveyed enterprises said they hadn’t set relevant policies while the HR departments of around 18 percent were not sure whether they would implement such policies.

Among enterprises that have offered rewards for staying in the city where they work, over 70 percent believed their initiatives had worked, the report said.

Companies tend to give cash and other benefits to their employees.

With the incentives, nearly 60 percent of office workers said they would not be returning home for Lunar New Year reunions. The proportion is even higher for married and educated groups, the study found.

Due to strict pandemic prevention policies in their hometowns, more than 60 percent of employees from rural areas are choosing to stay put.

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