UK ambassador summoned over WeChat article

Caroline Wilson's article was posted on the WeChat account of the British embassy last week, in which she said foreign media were being misrepresented as "anti-China."

A principal official of the European Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday summoned British Ambassador to China Caroline Wilson, lodging solemn representations over her inappropriate signed article on social media.

As the top British diplomat in China, Wilson used the official platform to express grievances for individual foreign media which have been sanctioned for false reports, deliberately confusing news defamation with news supervision, as well as turning a blind eye when Chinese media are oppressed by foreign side, according to the official.

Wilson’s article in Chinese was posted on the official WeChat account of the British embassy in Beijing last week, in which she said foreign media in the country were being misrepresented as “anti-China.”

The official pointed out the whole article was full of “lecturer” arrogance and ideological bias, turning black into white and applying double standards, which is seriously inconsistent with the status of diplomats and the functions of diplomatic institutions.

The official said the article caused widespread dissatisfaction among the Chinese public and was strongly criticized immediately after it had been published.

Emphasizing the Chinese government and people have never opposed foreign media, the official said what China opposes are fake news and malicious attacks on China, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese system in the name of “press freedom” and “speech freedom.”

The official said China urges Wilson to deeply reflect on her own responsibilities, know her position, and do more things that are conducive to promoting the development of bilateral relations.

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