Student kicked out of college for offensive posting

Zhu Yuting
The student posted insulting remarks on Sina Weibo to a woman who is suffering from cancer, saying he hopes the cancer defeats the woman soon.
Zhu Yuting

A student at Xi’an University of Finance and Economics' Xing Zhi College in Shaanxi Province was ordered to withdraw from school for inappropriate remarks he posted on social media platform Sina Weibo, reported on Sunday.

The student surnamed Li posted insulting remarks to a woman who is suffering from cancer through the Weibo account "带带小sama_Lyc" on May 7. He said he hopes the cancer defeats the woman soon, which triggered massive criticism online.

Li was put on academic probation on June 23, 2020, after posting a video insulting women on the platform. He called two women "tank," a derogatory description of a woman who is overweight, in a livestream and posted a female netizen's photo online with insulting comments after maliciously editing it into a portrait of a deceased person, according to the report.

Xing Zhi College issued a statement on Saturday stating that an investigation is ongoing. At around 11pm on Saturday, Li deleted the offensive post.

The college announced on Sunday that it will continue to strengthen Internet security and education on civilized behavior. 

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