12-hour rescue fails to save stranded minke whale

Sun Jiayi
Fishermen and aquarium staff worked in vain to revive weak and injured mammal, beached on tidal flat.
Sun Jiayi

A stranded whale died despite a 12-hour rescue effort on the tidal flat in Rui'an, Zhejiang Province, on Tuesday night.

It was the largest of 17 whales and dolphins stranded in the area since July.

Fishermen in Tangxia Town discovered the minke whale, measuring 7 meters in length and weighing about 2 tons, at around 10am on Tuesday.

It had weak vital signs, obvious skin injuries, and was dehydrated, according to Rui'an's Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, The Paper reported today.

Rescue workers constantly poured water on the mammal and dug a water cavity with an excavator to provide temporary relief for it. 

Staff from Wenzhou Aquarium administered to its injuries with antibiotics to prevent infection, the report said.

Despite rescue efforts, the whale died at 10:20pm, the report said.

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