Singapore presents blueprint to implement eco-friendly green plan

Ke Jiayun
Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development in Singapore, introduced how they transform Singapore into a "city in nature" at COP15.
Ke Jiayun

Desmond Lee, Singapore's Minister for National Development, said yesterday at the COP15 that during the COVID-19 pandemic, green spaces have offered respite and recreation away from crowded urban areas.

At the same time, cities worldwide continue to grow rapidly and climate change continues to be a pressing challenge for everyone. "So it is important that we strive toward sustainable development and protect our biodiversity to keep our cities liveable."

In Singapore, they are taking active steps to do so, Lee said.

This year, they launched the Singapore Green Plan 2030, the national movement for sustainable development.

"As part of the movement, we are transforming Singapore into a city in nature," he explained. "As a small, densely populated island city-state, Singapore does not have large areas outside our city where we can conserve nature. So we are finding innovative ways to weave nature more closely into part of our urban environment."

"This will help to conserve our biodiversity, strengthen climate resilience, and provide our people with greater access to nature and its benefits."

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