Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on science and technology

Li Xinran
193 cooperation deals were sealed on October 26 as the cities build on their relationship in developing breakthrough projects and achievements.
Li Xinran
Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on science and technology

Night view of the iconic Gate to the East in the heart of the Suzhou Industrial Park

Shanghai and Suzhou sealed agreements on 193 science and technology cooperation projects on October 26, amid the deepening integration of the twin cities.

In line with the key phrases of "integration" and "high quality," Suzhou, a vibrant city in Jiangsu Province, is deeply involved in implementing the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta, and seizing the opportunity provided by Shanghai's plan to become a science and technology innovation center with global influence.

Suzhou is also focusing on the co-construction and sharing of innovation resources, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent exchange and training, and the cultivation of emerging industries. The city is taking the initiative to connect with Shanghai's science and innovation, talent and policy resources.

In the next stage, both sides will share large major scientific equipment and facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou, promote the wider use of Shanghai-Jiangsu "science and technology innovation coupons" and guide the extension of Shanghai science and technology services to Suzhou.

The two cities will support cooperation between the Shanghai-based East Center of National Technology Transformation and Suzhou's Southern Jiangsu Center of National Technology Transformation and the opening of the "Shanghai Jiangsu technology market."

Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on science and technology

Gu Haidong (right), executive vice mayor of Suzhou, and Lu Min, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, sign an agreement over the science and technology cooperation between the two cities.

Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on science and technology

Scientists from Shanghai and Suzhou are present at the cooperation agreement signing ceremony.

Shanghai and Suzhou will also deepen scientific and technological innovation cooperation in key areas, support the linkage between Shanghai's major scientific and technological infrastructure and Suzhou's major innovation platforms such as the national biopharmaceutical technology innovation center and the national third-generation semiconductor technology innovation center.

Scientific research institutions of the two cities are encouraged to jointly carry out forward-looking fundamental research, so as to achieve original innovative and strategic technological breakthroughs.

Shanghai and Suzhou will focus on the major technical needs of enterprises in key industrial fields such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits and the digital economy, and carry out joint research and promote breakthrough technologies in key areas.

They will also support innovative enterprises and scientific research institutions to jointly build an industry-university research innovation platform and promote the transformation of achievements into reality.

In addition, Shanghai and Suzhou will work together in the construction of an innovation community in the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone, establish science and technology innovation coupons and encourage enterprises to purchase science and technology services from the demonstration area and the Yangtze River Delta.

Both cities will support enterprises with common technology needs in Qingpu, Wujiang and Jiaxing to jointly apply for science and technology projects in building a regional innovation community, strengthen cooperation with the G60 Sci-Tech Corridor and focus on leading industries such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits and biomedicine.

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