Livestream of gynecology procedure lands doctor in police custody

Shao Zhuang Chen Xiaoli
His physician's licence has been cancelled and 11 related personnel held accountable after a video appeared on popular site Bilibili.
Shao Zhuang Chen Xiaoli

Police have detained a doctor for allegedly livestreaming a gynecological operation at a hospital in Rizhao City, east China's Shandong Province, local authorities said on Friday.

The Rizhao Central Hospital doctor, surnamed Li, has been fired and his certification as a practicing physician has been cancelled, the publicity department of Rizhao's Donggang District said.

Local police received a report on the incident at 4pm on January 18, saying the video appeared on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing platform in China.

According to the conversation in the video, Li was believed to be the anesthesiologist for the surgery.

During the livestream, the private parts of a female patient's body were filmed and exposed, the patient was unaware of what was happening and Li's colleagues at the scene didn't stop his behavior.

After an investigation, 11 related personnel with the district government, local health commission and the hospital have been held accountable.

Li was arrested by police on Tuesday night and his livestreaming account has been permanently banned by Bilibili.

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