China confident in checking epidemic flare-ups with dynamic zero-COVID approach

In its adherence to a dynamic zero-COVID approach, China strives to keep the impact of the outbreak to a minimum.

At the crucial moment of China's race to rein in the locally transmitted novel coronavirus infections that began to surge in March, resolute and full implementation of a dynamic zero-COVID approach is imperative.

More than 170,000 new local infections have been reported nationwide since March, with Shanghai adding more than 10,000 infections daily for multiple days in a row – China faces a complicated task in controlling COVID-19.

In its adherence to a dynamic zero-COVID approach, China strives to keep the impact of the outbreak to a minimum.

Aiming to stem the spread in the shortest time possible, China's dynamic zero-COVID approach illustrates its core principle of putting the people and their lives first.

With a population of more than 1.4 billion, including a large number of senior citizens, China's medical system would risk a breakdown and unbearable consequences if the containment measures were not strictly implemented.

In 2021, China managed to contain more than 30 cluster infections, controlling each of them in about 14 days.

The Omicron variant, however, transmits at a faster speed and is latent in nature. Although some Western countries have chosen to take passive measures such as herd immunity and natural immunity in face of Omicron, China has been rising to the challenge.

Early detection is the first line of defense. In Shanghai, in one month, the nucleic acid testing capability saw marked improvement.

On April 4, the city broke the record of nucleic acid testing for a single day in one city. In 26 hours, more than 25.66 million people were tested.

Tens of thousands of medical workers from more than 10 provinces and regions were sent to the municipality for assistance. More than 70,000 beds in temporary treatment centers were built and a center that can treat about 10,000 people was erected in just 184 hours.

With two years of experience in dealing with the epidemic, China is now more confident in checking the flare-ups in the shortest time possible.

As long as response measures are implemented fully and faithfully, progress will be attained toward a major victory.

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