Lockdown online rumor-mongers detained by Beijing police

Wang Qingchu
False claims by two offenders about delivery service suspensions and infected people roaming freely caused serious consequences, police said
Wang Qingchu

A woman has been detained by Beijing police for spreading rumors that the capital city would be put under lockdown and delivery services be suspended, police said today.

The 38-year-old woman, surnamed Yao, was alleged to have fabricated the lockdown rumor and that courier and take-out services be halted for three days.

The claims were widely circulated online and caused serious consequences, police said.

Meanwhile, another man, a 29-year-old surnamed Chen, claimed on several short-video platforms that over 1,000 coronavirus infections were found in the capital's Haidian District and were roaming around without wearing masks.

The claims, which were made up by Chen, have caused panic among the public. Chen has also been put under coercive measures by the police.

Beijing police said they maintain a heightened clampdown against rumors related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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