Chinese premier vows a higher level of cooperation with CEEC

Li promises stronger ties with countries in Europe.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is welcomed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other senior officials upon his arrival in Budapest, Hungary, yesterday, for an official visit to the country and the sixth meeting of heads of government of China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries. 

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Hungary yesterday for an official visit to the country and the sixth meeting of heads of government of China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries in Budapest.

He was welcomed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other ministers at the airport.

In an article published in The Hungarian Times ahead of his arrival, Li vowed to bring cooperation between China and the countries in central and eastern Europe to a higher level. 

Noting that this year marks the fifth anniversary of the launching of China-CEEC cooperation, Li said on his arrival that 16+1 cooperation had been growing and expanding over the past five years, benefiting the two peoples with substantial projects and cooperation results.

As part and parcel of China-Europe cooperation, 16+1 cooperation had not only helped the development of the countries in central and eastern Europe themselves, but had also promoted the balanced development of Europe as a whole, something which is conducive to the process of European integration, Li said.

“China is willing to work with all sides to review what we have achieved in the past five years and draw a blueprint for the future to achieve greater progress,” Li said. 

Li is expected to join with CEEC leaders to set out an outline for future cooperation, witness the signing of a series of cooperation documents, meet the press, attend the seventh China-CEEC economic and trade forum, celebrate the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the 16+1 cooperation, and hold bilateral meetings with CEEC leaders.

On China-Hungary ties, Li said the two countries enjoyed a profound traditional friendship and he spoke highly of the development of bilateral relations since the two sides established diplomatic relations more than 60 years ago.

“I’m looking forward to discussing with the Hungarian side about cooperation and jointly fleshing out the content of the China-Hungary comprehensive strategic partnership,” Li said.

The two countries announced in May the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership in the Chinese capital Beijing.

Lauding the strategic alignment of China’s Belt and Road initiative with Hungary’s Eastern Opening policy, Li said that the initiative and 16+1 cooperation had put the two countries’ economic and trade cooperation on a fast track, with progress made in investment, finance, agriculture, scientific and technological innovation and small and medium-sized enterprises.

China and Hungary have made great strides in people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, he said, and both sides are of the view that ties had entered their best period in history.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China set out a grand blueprint and action guideline for future development of China, said Li, adding that a more open and prosperous China will surely bring more and greater opportunities to all countries in the world including Hungary.

The Chinese premier will also attend the 16th meeting of the Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the Russian city of Sochi on Thursday and Friday.

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