World wants in on Chinese New Year celebrations

Analysts said the festival is becoming a "world gala" with more and more people getting to know China better through this timeless tradition.

The world is getting into the mood of the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, celebrations.

Cultural events like music and dance, photo exhibitions, art shows are being organized across the globe, with many countries about to embrace a huge influx of Chinese tourists during the weeklong holiday.

Analysts said the festival is becoming a “world gala” with more and more people getting to know China better through this timeless tradition while financially benefiting from the festival economy.

The Chinese New Year is regarded as the most important traditional festival for anyone of Chinese origin, with “key signature events” such as family reunions, feasts and performances.

The year 2018 will be the Year of the Dog, which will officially begin tomorrow.

The Spring Festival is chockful with Chinese wisdom, said Guan Zhaoyu, associate research fellow with Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.

He said that with the festival gaining a rising global influence, it provides everyone with a good opportunity to understand true Chinese culture.

According to the latest release of China’s State Council Information Office, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated in more than 400 cities across more than 130 countries and regions this year.

The top of the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan, New York, shone in red and gold at sunset on Tuesday to celebrate the occasion.

Chinese Consul General in New York Zhang Qiyue, who flipped the switch to light up the building, said the Spring Festival is not only the most important holiday for the Asian and the Chinese communities, it is also a key holiday for New York.

“As this week, all public schools are starting their Lunar New Year holiday, I believe that all parents and children are really very happy to have a week off to celebrate. So we hope everybody will have a very happy and prosperous year.”

Myanmar’s Yangon, meanwhile, organized a Chinese gourmet festival to introduce traditional Chinese cuisine to the people of Myanmar.

In Europe, a gala showcasing singing and dancing was held in the western German town of Hanau. The performances also featured the traditional Chinese opera, kung fu and a cheongsam fashion show.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris will feature a joint light-show between the Chinese and French cities tonight, the eve of the Lunar New Year.

 “Through the Spring Festival, the world can get to know China about its diversified cultures and understand a more realistic China,” Guan said.

During the Spring Festival, the large-scale flow of people, cash and information have created the unique “Spring Festival economy,” he added.  

“As the Lunar New Year is becoming a global festival, I believe the concept will bring more and more economic and trade benefits to the whole world.”

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