Shanghai coronavirus vlog: Too scared to eat out? Make hotpot at home!

Andy Boreham
With the threat of coronavirus hanging over our heads, it's time to extend your Chinese cooking skills. Today we'll start at entry level: making China's famous hotpot at home. 
Andy Boreham

Video by Andy Boreham. Subtitles by Andy Boreham and Wang Xinzhou.

With the threat of coronavirus still hanging over our heads, millions in Shanghai are refusing to eat out. So it's time to dust off our aprons and get back in the kitchen.

There's a small problem, though. Some of China's most delicious treats — including arguably the country's most domestically famous dish, hotpot — are usually 50% food and 50% atmosphere. The louder and more renao (lively) the better.

Well, you need to get over it — that sort of dinner out isn't happening any time soon (we're all crossing our fingers for sooner rather than later.)

But you can easily recreate at least the taste of hotpot, minus the noisy environment, quite easily at home. Got your apron ready?

Check out Andy's latest video above to learn how to make quick and easy hotpot at home.

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