Shanghai coronavirus vlog: Use a hairdryer to give your face masks a new life

Andy Boreham
Researchers at Fudan University have found that a hairdryer and cling wrap can give your disposable face masks a second life. In today's vlog I'll show you exactly how.
Andy Boreham
Shot by Andy Boreham. Edited by Andy Boreham. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou.

Researchers at Fudan University have been hard at work finding ways to extend the lifetime of disposable surgical face masks, and now there's a method you can follow at home.

Face masks are a hot commodity at the moment, and even though Shanghai's factories are in full gear producing hundreds of thousands a day, any way of stretching the lives of our existing masks just a little bit longer is welcome.

The method they've found works the best requires just a standard hairdryer, some ordinary cling wrap and a bit of patience. Let me show you how!

Learn how to extend the life of your disposable surgical face masks by checking out Andy's latest vlog above.

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