Mei Xue
Shanghai Tower Business Operation and Management Co., Ltd

Ms. Mei is currently the Party branch secretary and general manager of Shanghai Tower business operation co., LTD. She is fully responsible for the operation and management of the company. As the operator of Shanghai tower, which is now the tallest building in China, and the second tallest in the world, the business company has always been committed to becoming a world-class super high-rise operation service provider, striving to build a "green, intelligent and cultural vertical city".

Ms. Mei Xue graduated from Macau Science Technology University,with a master's degree in business administration. Ms. Mei has more than 25 years in the industry of real estate, a senior industry background, she has wide knowledge of the whole real estate business chain, from the early stage of the project of engineering construction, to the overall operation after completion of the project, including market brand, marketing, integrated marketing, as well as the business of real estate + fusion has rich experience and personal unique insights, and won the Shanghai worker and so on many honors.