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Art & Culture

Light in paper, heavy in meaning

Young Chinese artist Tang Zhengwei addresses his concerns for environmental issues in the form of two- and three-dimensional paper cut works.

China reiterates peaceful development ahead of world peace day

They called for a peaceful environment for development, and a coordinated solution to deal with challenges such as the social divide between the rich and poor, political extremism, and global environmental changes.

China int'l industry fair opens in Shanghai

Eight professional exhibition sectors have been set up to cover major industrial areas including numerically-controlled machine tools and metal processing, industrial automation, robots, new energy and electrical power, industrial Internet, energy-saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, intelligent network vehicles and technical innovation.

World Cleanup Day: Saving the planet through garbage marathon

The campaign raises awareness of environmental protection and promotes garage sorting. It was initiated by non-profit group Let’s do it! in Estonia in 2008 and soon took off around the world.

Smartest cities have smartest 'City Brains'

Soon, environmental protection, flood prevention, greening and construction will be connected into the system.

China names and shames 158 companies for pollution

China's environmental authority has named and shamed 158 companies that discharged major pollutants at seriously excessive levels in the first quarter of 2018.
Foreign views

'Trial of the century' as American group asks court to rule on US climate inaction

In principle, governments, not courts, are best placed to decide which policies will best solve environmental and social problems.

Residents pick up trash on World Cleanup Day

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the environmental protection and promote the idea of garage sorting. It was initiated by non-profit group Let’s do it! in Estonia in 2008 and soon gained popularity around the world.

Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone gears up for import expo

A team formed by police, firefighters, market supervisors, environmental inspectors and urban management officials was set up in the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone to ensure everything is in order during the import expo, the zone said on Friday as it marked the 50-day countdown to the expo.

Honeywell to continue advancing China's industrial Internet market

"We aim to better meet the demands of smart manufacturing, environmental protection, and digital economy, and play a bigger role in such a dynamic market," Shen said.