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Scientists ponder the future of mankind

“There are just too many dangers today, the nuclear weapons, the climate changes, the environmental pollution, etc. It’s important to realize all the dangers, because human beings are often not thinking very far ahead.”

Conference attracts top talent to Hangzhou

This year, participants from 33 countries and regions exhibited projects in areas such as information technology, biomedicine, new energy, new materials, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, cultural and creative industries, modern agriculture and modern services.

Rain to bring relief from California fires

Some sporting events were canceled in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday as “unhealthy” air was measured by the Environmental Protection Agency, the San Francisco Chronicle and other media reported. Older people and children were advised to stay indoors.

Xi meets leaders of Pacific island nations to further BRI cooperation

China, Xi said, is ready to strengthen cooperation with Niue in the fields of climate change, South-South cooperation, maritime affairs, environmental protection, and promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

Suzhou calls in the experts to advise on the Grand Canal Cultural Belt

Suzhou will strengthen environmental monitoring and industrial pollution control along the canal with a focus on domestic pollution, pollution caused by the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides and pollution from canal traffic.

'City Brain' turns online in northwest downtown

Citywide, about 500,000 sensors will installed by the end of 2018 to assist management of transport, health care, food safety, environmental protection and public facilities.

Unique pit stop for guests opens its doors at last

Exploited during World War II, the quarry was shut down in 2000 due to new environmental protection regulations. It began its transformation in 2006 when Shimao Group decided to make use of the deep pit to build a hotel. The construction took 12 years to complete.

Alibaba's logistics arm to deal with Singles Day waste aftermath

Alibaba's logistics affiliate Cainiao said it is working with logistics staff and environmental protection agencies to reclaim packaging materials for courier delivery firms.

APSCO plans to share satellite data info

Through the Data Sharing Service Platform Network, more than 8,000 satellite images have been provided to APSCO members for a wide range of applications, including research, disaster management, as well as environmental monitoring and assessment, with all data from China’s nine Earth observation satellites free of charge.

Sprucing up the city with 'toil and sweat' an honor

She is now the monitor of the Chen Koudi model worker team of Shanghai Putuo Environmental Sanitation Industry Co Ltd affiliated to the Putuo District City Investment Co.