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Polluted rivers treated with successful new material developed in Shanghai

With this solution, they adjusted the inter-layer spacing to a size that is suitable for micro-organisms, and mixed the material with selected micro-organisms to get a kind of microbial agent, according to Tang Liang, a team member and a professor at the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering of Shanghai University.

CNPC plans to build 23 new gas storage facilities

The move also comes amid the country's efforts to tackle environmental pollution.

About 42,000 people prosecuted for damaging environment in 2018

Many local prosecuting agencies set up divisions specialized in environmental crimes and tried to establish coordination mechanisms across different jurisdictions to improve efficiency, Zhang said.

China develops unmanned semi-submersible for marine weather observation

"The unmanned semi-submersible vehicle is an ideal platform for marine meteorological environmental monitoring, and the atmospheric information provided by the weather rockets launched from this platform can improve the accuracy of numerical weather forecasts at sea and in coastal zones," co-author of the study Li Jun said.

More rain and snowfall forecast for city

According to the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, the Air Quality Index will fall between 45 and 65, rated as good, until Sunday.
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Wang dances into the light after 20 years

The first dance drama where Wang took on the leading role was “Crested Ibis,” a story about environmental protection. He danced the whole two hours, from beginning to end.

Wet conditions for the latter part of Spring Festival holiday

With the rise in temperature, the index started to fall and air quality is expected to be good again by Wednesday evening, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center said. They added that the AQI will be between 45 and 65, or "good," in the next two days.

Xi visits cadres, residents in Beijing ahead of Spring Festival

Stressing that the features of technology, intelligence, greenness and frugality should be highlighted, Xi said advanced technological approaches should be applied, energy-saving and environmental friendly requirements should be strictly enforced, the environment and cultural relics should be well protected, and Chinese styles should be on full display.

UFI Cup iDEALShanghai 'Environmental Practices' English essay competition to kick off

As an added bonus, one contestant will become the champion of the Environmental Practices English Essay Competition, and earn a free UFI Eco-Tour in Italy with their family!

City forges ahead with stable development

“It would also be a space to promote coordinated environmental protection efforts.”