Student athletes learn about American schools at a football camp

WEsport Athletic ID Camp was held in Shanghai this week to connect local student athletes keen on studying in American colleges and universities. 

The WEsport Athletic ID Camp was held this week at Shanghai Baiyangdian Football Stadium where local student athletes got a chance to connect with American colleges and universities for opportunities to study abroad.

The camp was jointly organized by WEsport and FirstPoint USA, and included lectures and football trial training session. It targeted Chinese athletes between the ages of 17 and 25, student athletes representing high school and university teams, as well as students from international schools with strong interests in sports.

They were briefed about scholarship application process for American schools under NCAA, NAIA and junior college, and provided with professional instructions about the standard of the selection process that are applied by American universities’ sports teams.

“The camp will help the students when they apply for studying opportunities in American schools, or represent their school teams. They have had their vision broadened,” said Li Taozhi, founder of Wesport. “Outstanding student athletes have a chance to receive scholarship of up to a million yuan.”

WEsport Athletic ID Camp plans to organize at least eight football camps in China this year including in cities like Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi’an. The camp will cover other sports items including basketball, volleyball and ice hockey in future.

Ti Gong

Students were briefed about scholarship opportunities and application process in American schools.

Ti Gong

Students received professional instructions during the trial training session.

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