TNF100 Trail Challenge unveils 2018 calendar

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge, one of Asia's largest cross-country competitions, has put Qinling, Changbaishan and Moganshan mountains on its remaining schedule.

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge, one of Asia’s largest cross-country competitions, announced its schedule for the rest of the year after an eventful opening race in Beijing.

It’s the 10th year that the trail-running series is being held in China and it has scheduled four competitions for the country’s long-distance runners this year.

Following the Beijing challenge which attracted 5,000 runners at the capital's Xishan Mountain over the weekend, the series will head to Qinling in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on May 20, where two categories of competitions — 42km and 28km — will be held.

The race will then go to Changbaishan Mountain in the northeastern Jilin Province on September 8 to 9 before heading to Moganshan Mountain in Zhejiang Province on November 24 to 25.

During the opening race in Beijing, organizers had to adjust the disciplines and canceled the 100km event because of heavy rain to ensure runners’ safety. Those registered for the 100km then competed in the 50km and 25km races instead.


It’s the 10th year that The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge is being held in China.

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