Benevolent people rush to help pregnant woman give birth on street

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A pregnant woman shocked shoppers and passers-by when she gave birth to a premature baby on the street.

The woman was waiting for a taxi with her mother-in-law, on Wenhuagong Road, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, when she went into labor on Thursday morning. The mum-to-be cried out for help and several benevolent people, including: passers-by, shop owners and community staff all rushed to the rescue.

Some held umbrellas over the pregnant woman, to keep off the pouring rain. Others brought blankets and towels to keep her warm. Someone ran to a nearby medical center for help, while another called for an ambulance.

Medical staff soon arrived on the scene but could not get her to the hospital in time because the woman was too far gone into her labor. An emergency delivery room was set up on the path, with the blankets, and within ten minutes the woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy.

During the whole half-hour rescue process, a gracious woman knelt on the ground and supported the pregnant woman's back with her hands.

Once the medical staff from the nearby center safely delivered the new baby, an ambulance arrived to take the new mom and baby to hospital for medical checks.

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