Lazy driver steers car into store 'for convenience'

That must be the new Smart Car promotional video!

A lazy driver thought it would be inconvenient to get out of his car when shopping on Saturday so drove it straight into his local convenience store instead.

Video footage has emerged on social media of a Smart Car driving into a shop, ordering a couple of items from the comfort of the driver’s seat and paying the shocked staff member before reversing out. The incident happened at 11:50pm in Lawson's Xieqiao Street store, in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province on Saturday.

CCTV footage revealed the car appearing at the front of the store before slowly entering. A clearly shocked staff member dashed straight over to the car and, instead of ordering the driver and car out, remarkably, took an order, which included a bag of potato chips and a bottle of yogurt. The driver, who remained in the comfort of the car throughout, then paid for the items and reversed out.

The shopkeeper said that it was raining at the time and that is why the driver probably drove into the store.

The driver’s behavior drew mixed reactions from Chinese netizens, most of which couldn't believe their eyes. One commented: "That must be the new Smart Car promotional video,” another said it must be “an advertisement for the convenience store," while others criticized the driver for bad manners.

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