A benevolent couple donate 36,000 milliliters of blood in 12 years

A philanthropic Chinese couple have literally given blood to save the lives of more than 80 people.

A philanthropic Chinese couple have literally given blood to save the lives of more than 80 people.

The altruistic pair, from Ningxia, have donated a life-saving 36,000 milliliters of blood in the last 12 years and say they intend to keep on giving more.

The husband, Liu Xin has given blood 121 times, while his wife, Zhou Cui, has contributed to the cause 29 times. In that time Liu has donated 29,500 milliliters of blood and Zhou has given up 6,400 milliliters of her blood.

The couple, both born in the 1980s, have also tried to encourage their friends to make a sacrifice for the greater good and give blood.

The benevolent Liu has made several sacrifices to ensure his blood is in top class condition. And one of those forfeits is his refusal to drink alcohol, which is ironic given he is employed in the alcohol beverage business. Yet this does not bother him. The kindhearted man wants to ensure the quality of his blood is as near to perfect as possible.

“I donated 200 milliliters of blood in 2005 for the first time in my life somewhat accidentally just because I wanted to help people who needed the blood,” Liu said. “I never thought that I would keep doing it for 12 years.”

Liu’s family first feared he would do damage to his body if he kept donating blood regularly. But after he reassured his folks it was perfectly safe to give blood they accepted his decision.

The first time Zhou donated blood will live with her forever. It was on one of her first dates with Liu.

“Liu saw a vehicle for blood donation and asked me if I wanted to donate blood with him,” Zhou recalled. “While we entered the vehicle, I noticed that he was very familiar with doctors, who worked there. Obviously that was because he was a regular. I certainly found him more special after that date because I could see he had a kind and caring nature.”

There should be a six-month interval between every blood donation, but Liu was eager to contribute more. To get around this the couple started to donate blood platelets and blood plasma, which can be donated every half month and are very helpful to patients in emergency need.

Several of Liu’s friends have asked whether he was “addicted to donating blood?” But Liu dismissed this suggestion, stating he wanted to help those people more unfortunate than himself.

“Donating blood changed my way of living,” Liu said. “In order to keep my blood quality good, I exercise regularly, play badminton and ping-pong at weekends and eat very healthily.”

Zhou believes donating blood changed her husband for the better. She says he went from being a “silent and shy” person to someone who is more “confident and outgoing” because of his desire to help others.

“It is better for 100 people to donate blood for once than me to donate for 100 times,” added Liu. And that is why the couple continue in their quest to encourage more people to give blood donation. 

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